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!! IMPORTANT ALERT - The Fair Entitlements Guarantee has become aware of a suspected scam involving a person impersonating a FEG officer and requesting personal information. Officers working for the Department of Jobs and Small Business do not contact claimants by phone to request personal information, such as date of birth, address etc. While officers may call claimants to request more detailed explanations about a FEG claim, FEG will usually request claimants to provide relevant documentary evidence about their employment rather than requesting information over the phone. If you have any concerns about the identity of a caller claiming to be from FEG or the nature of the information being requested you may choose to terminate the call and contact the FEG officer on the FEG Hotline on 1300 135 040 !!

Fair Entitlements Guarantee

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By registering for FEG online services, you can:

  • Lodge a claim for FEG assistance.
  • Check the status of a FEG claim you have already lodged (either online or in hard copy form).
  • Lodge supporting documentation to assist in the assessment of your FEG claim.
  • Access some of the letters we have sent you in relation to your FEG claim.
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